Friday, August 15, 2014

Solar Powered Charging Tables Installed in NYC's Bryant Park

Solar Powered Charging Tables Installed in NYC's Bryant Park

Note from Erin: Okay guys, at first I was like, "Why are they enabling us to be even more tied to our electronics!!"  But the reality is, when I travel, I need the outlet.  At the end of the day, it is my responsibility to get my eyes off the screen and my toes in the grass.  Keep powered y'all, but don't forget what powers you!!

Thank you to John Fennell for this post!

CityCharge is an urban project in which solar powered charging stations were placed throughout New York City's Bryant Park. Gone are the days of having to buy an expensive coffee in order to use an outlet to charge your smartphone!
These free, innovative stations are a collaborative project between Bryant Park Corporation, solar companyGreen Barrel Energy Inc., and high quality street furniture manufacturer Landscape Forms. Each table has six different charging cables that can fit most electronic devices. The stations are set on five swiveling wheels with locks so that they can be moved around the park as needed to make space during public events. Additionally, the solar panel overhead can be manually rotated to point directly towards the sun.
“The design was inspired by people and how they use public spaces,” explained CityCharge Industrial Designer Ignacio Ciocchini. “It is round, easy to move, and has a communal table that encourages social interaction.” Currently in the prototype testing phase, the plan is to install six more machines in Bryant Park and then to expand throughout New York City and the United States.

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