Friday, August 8, 2014

Guess that Interchange!!

Guess that Interchange!!
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This week’s YEOW takes a look at highway interchanges in the Washington metro area and the large (pun intended) impact they have on our built environment. In honor of this modern marvel YEOW invites you to play a quick game of “Guess that Interchange!!”

I.                 Please note that all images are at the same scale. For scale comparison here are two local areas you are probably familiar with:
 1.      The United States Capitol & Capitol Grounds

                  2.   The Smithsonian National Zoological Park

II.               Now it is time to play “Guess that Interchange!!” There are seven interchanges shown below and each interchange matches up with one of these choices:

A.     I-295 and I-95/I-495 - Oxon Hill, MD
B.     I-395, Route 1, and George Washington Parkway – Arlington, VA
C.     Dulles Access Road (Route 267) and I-495 - Tysons Corner, VA
D.     I-95, I-395, and I-495 – Springfield, VA
E.      Route 1 and I-95/I-495 - Alexandria, VA
F.      I-95 and I-495 - Beltsville, MD
G.     I-66 and I-495 -Fairfax County, VA

Answer Key: (highlight the white lines below, or copy and paste into your web browser’s web address bar, or paste into Word)
Interchange 1 – D, Interchange 2 – E, Interchange 3 – A, Interchange 4 – G, Interchange 5 – C, Interchange 6 – F, Interchange 7 – B


Interchange 1:

Interchange 2:

Interchange 3:

 Interchange 4:


Interchange 5:


Interchange 6:

Interchange 7:

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