Friday, February 12, 2016

SCAD's Answer to Urban Housing?

Most urban colleges and universities have housing issues - for the upper classmen, which students tend to stress about as much as classes.  Well, SCAD (Savannah College of Art and Design) is proposing a solution to this problem.  It's called 'SCADPad' and the idea is to find new ways to re-use existing structures and make habitable communities. 

The project is an interdisciplinary collaboration of students, faculty/ staff and alumni - who designed dwelling units in a parking garage near the SCAD-Atlanta campus.  The project includes three dwelling units - each with a different theme/ identity, a common space - organic garden, a composting/ recycling center and a rapid prototype area - with a 3D printer.   The size of each dwelling unit is equal to the size of a parking space (8' x 16') and is laid out with a bathroom/ kitchen/ sleeping space.  The themes for the dwelling units are Asia, Europe and North America.  The decore can be changed and or enhanced with each occupant.

To obtain real feedback on whether the project could work, SCAD students, faculty/ staff and special quests have taken turns living in the SCADPads - two weeks each.  Initially the project was to span a few months (April to June 2014), but it is currently approaching it's second year.

Thinking Space
Organic Garden
Asia Dwelling Unit

Asia Dwelling Unit - bathroom

Europe Dwelling Unit
Europe Dwelling Unit - Exterior

North America Dwelling Unit

North America Dwelling Unit - Bathroom
SCADPad Evolution

Bubble Chairs

If find this idea interesting and would like to follow the project, go to the project website (  You will be able to register and receive updates.

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