Friday, June 10, 2016


If given the opportunity would you work outside?

The students at Montgomery College - Department of Applied Technology, came up with an idea and pitched it to the Peterson Companies.  As luck would have it, the Peterson Companies were interested and worked with the students to make their idea possible.  This venture is actually a collaboration between Montgomery College, the Peterson Companies, Downtown Silver Spring and Adventist Healthcare.

The basic idea is to provide an alternative work/ conference space for local offices.  Considering most of us are an office most of the day - we walk in in the morning and walk out in the evening.  Wouldn't it be great to have a meeting in an outside space - get a little fresh air and sunlight.  Well if you work in Downtown Silver Spring, here's your opportunity.


Here's another thought, while it would be great to have a meeting outside (then stop by Ben and Jerry's on the way back to office), but how many of us would be able to concentrate on the meeting and not 'people watch' or get drawn into the wonderful weather.  Or worry about the possible intrusion from passers-by.  Again, it's a nice idea and I appreciate the thought in offering  office working professional a way to get out and enjoy the day.  Perhaps better suited as an overflow space for a restaurant.

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