Friday, December 9, 2016

PARKS IN THE SKY Learning more about alternative park locations

After supporting co-workers that participating in the Alexandria Parking Day 2017.  I realized how important parks are, especially to urban communities.  Therefore I find myself being drawn to stories that highlight how designers have transformed nontraditional spaces into parks or recreational spaces.  

For example, an indoor rain forest in Dubai (to be completed in 2018) and a rooftop playground in the Philippines.  Both spaces will be a wonderful escape for children...and some adults.  They will promote unconventional thinking and foster the realization that things imagined can be created.

Rendering of hotel

The Royal International hotel is having a two tower luxury hotel and residence complex built in Dubai.  It will feature (among other attractions) an entertainment podium, that will include a trampoline park, a bowling alley, a laser-tag complex and a man-made rain  The rain forest will use stored recycled water to simulate the sensations of being in a rain forest, but the advanced sensor-activated rain system doesn't get visitors wet.

Rendering of rain forest - to be located on the top floor

Photo of playground
The rooftop playground also called 'Sky Play' was designed by Kenneth Cobonque and is located in the mega-mall by Arquitectonica.  The playground is 1/2- acre and is a wonderfully whimsical combination of rattan, metal, artificial turf and rubber.  That have been transformed into gigantic dinosaurs and sea clams.  So, the kids can climb, slide, swing, run and jump among them.

The dinosaur area

The rattan area
 I'm sure the designer had to channel his inner child to come up with these wonderful ideas.

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