Friday, November 1, 2013

The Volcano Project

The Volcano Project by Kieren Jones
Scale model of building elements

The Volcano Project
By Kieren Jones
Welsh designer Kieren Jones has devised a concept for harnessing the destructive power of erupting volcanoes by using lava flows to cast components for buildings.
Having discovered that the current method for controlling lava from the world's most volatile volcanoes is to redirect it using huge concrete barriers or cool it with sea water,
Kieren Jones developed an alternative scenario in which the lava pours into casting beds excavated in the shape of structural building blocks.
"Not only would these casting beds protect the population at the base of the volcanoes but they will also provide them with a constructive material in which to aid the recovery of a community post eruption," Jones explained.
The designer believes that the accuracy with which volcanic activity can be predicted using sophisticated geological data could enable the casting beds to be positioned at the most effective points to capture the molten rock.
"Lava as a material is naturally light and thermally insulating and has the potential to be a strong building block," said Jones.
The Volcano Project by Kieren Jones

Models of 16 of the world's most active and researched volcanoes, known as the Decade Volcanoes, were presented alongside drawings and scale models at an exhibition called Blanks in Between, curated by Workshop for Potential Design during this year's London Design Festival.

The Volcano Project by Kieren Jones
Drawing showing the casting process
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