Friday, September 13, 2013

Capturing the Sun's Energy

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Capturing the Sun's Energy
Whether We Mean to or Not

Mosaic Inc., a California-based company has come up with a new business model to allow individuals to finance solar projects across the country, think "kickstarter" for green energy.   Projects include arrays atop affordable housing developments and schools, as well as a large project with the U.S. Military which is currently under way.  Individuals can invest in the projects for as little as $25.  Nearly $3 million has been invested in over a dozen projects nationwide.  These investments are structured like loans, as the projects generate electricity, and hence revenue, Mosaic repays the investment with interest.

One of Mosaic's projects from their website.
This seems like a great idea considering all the examples we have of the awesome power of the sun, including one that recently popped up in the U.K.

Earlier this month a partially completed skyscraper in London managed to melt a portion of a parked car and start a fire at a local barber shop.  The building - designed by internationally renowned architect Rafael Vinoly (website) - is a dramatic edifice with curved exterior walls.  Built at 20 Fenchurch Street in London's financial center, the 38-story skyscraper is known locally as "the Walkie-Talkie" for its unusual shape.

The apparent problem came to public attention when businessman Martin Lindsay told reporters that his Jaguar's mirror, panels and hood ornament had all melted from the concentrated sunlight reflected off the building.

The melted vehicle in question.
The developers are taking the concerns seriously and have indicated that the problem lasts about two hours a day and is expected to continue for another two weeks or so.

Just imagine if Mosaic set up a project across the street.
Possibly Mosaic should just follow Vinoly's  projects around the world as this is not the first case of hot and bothered neighbors.  Learn more about his "Vdara Death Ray" in Las Vegas that made news in 2010.

Speaking of dangers, there are risks associated with the sorts of investments that Mosaic is offering.  The returns can be slow to roll in, not to mention panels can break.  This isn't an investment to make if you want big returns quickly.  That is, unless you've snagged a spot near a Vinoly.  

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