Friday, October 26, 2012





 Free Form Solar Powered

My goal is the active skin, whose base element (Solar module) is a flexible material in the process conceptual architectural design and construction.

Convert solar array to a material with which to compose and build architecture.
Overall, from photovoltaic laminated glass, I have developed a number of details and construction systems, such as Ventilated Façade, Curtain Wall and Monolayer Structures
that host the facilities inherent in any PV system and the different architectures that build proposals, with particular interest in the design, effective input method of this technology in the urban scene.

I try to convey the idea that the generation of clean energy can be part of the beauty of its major consumer, THE CITY.
Specifically in the photovoltaic industry, until now largely developed by engineers must entry into the industry figure of the architect to develop their integration into the urban scene.
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