Friday, June 8, 2012

The Watertower


Stained-Plexiglas Watertower Illuminates the Brooklyn Skyline in Dazzling Color

Thank you Dan for today's YEOW!

There are approximately 1000 pieces of salvaged NYC plexiglas mounted on the steel structure of artist Tom Fruin's newest sculpture, a 25' by 10' patchwork water tower—set atop a collection of artist's studios at 120 Jay Street in DUMBO, Brooklyn—called, simply, Watertower.
Beginning June 7th, the tower will be lit from within by digitally-controlled light sequences playing from dusk till morning for a full year. A welcome addition to Brooklyn's skyline, Watertower will be visible from Lower Manhattan, FDR Drive, and the Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridges at night.


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