Monday, April 2, 2012

Solar powered parking lot concept gets huge grant


Solar powered parking lot concept gets huge grant

Scott and Julie Brusaw are ready to show the world that we could build solar-collecting, energy-producing, safe and smart roadways.

And by ready, they mean everything is in place. The Sagle, the Idaho couple’ s Solar Roadways enterprise, received a $750,000 Small Business Innovation Research grant from the federal highway administration last week to fund an ambitious second phase of their project that will result in a complete and functioning solar parking lot outside of Brusaw’s lab.

Solar Roadways had already made inroads with the highway administration when the concept gained serious traction at the GE ecomagination competition last year.

Now Solar Roadways is getting some attention, and it’s becoming easier to find needed resources, Scott Brusaw said.

The greatest roadblock to seeing the idea through to the end has been finding the right glass to cover roadway solar panels, Brusaw said. The glass has to be clear in order for the panels to work, but textured enough to give drivers traction.

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